Ever tried coconut oil for weight loss?

Using Coconut Oil for Weight Loss
  The benefits of coconut oil nutrition

Having mainly used as the "hair oil" for hundreds of centuries, coconut oil is now being discovered and 
introduced as a proven fat-burning diet miracle that also boosts body energy, extensively burns stomach fat, is antibiotic, and helps with thyroid disorders. Therefore, contrary to the "orthodox" beliefs, coconut oil uses are now not limited to skin and hair only. In fact, scientists, researchers and fitness enthusiast are now actively realizing that coconut oil health benefits are far more versatile than previously thought. One of such benefits evolves from the modern concept of "coconut oil food", that is, cooking with coconut oil or consuming a coconut oil diet helps you lose weight progressively yet consistently.

 Coconut oil for weight loss
Coconut oil weight loss is mainly because of the fact that pure coconut oil diet increases metabolism which leads to faster calorie output and rapid fat loss.

Coconut oil diet is digested much more easily because the path of their digestion and metabolism is simple and quick. Coconut oil food is hydrolyzed more quickly, which means it takes up water and, upon absorption, travels directly to the liver via the portal vein, bypassing the lymphatic system, and is burned for energy. This metabolic pathway permits coconut oil nutrition to serve as a ready source of energy and prevents it from accumulating as fat in body tissues.

In addition, another one of the most exciting benefits of coconut oil nutrition is that a coconut oil diet i.e. food cooked in coconut oil is a rich source of fiber. It should be remembered that several scientific studies have concluded that a consistently low intake leads to an increased risk of developing life-threatening diseases, including obesity, abnormally high body weight, insulin resistance diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and colon cancer.

Other coconut oil health benefits
Research, studies and surveys have shown the following major benefits of cooking with coconut oil or eating a coconut oil diet:
1- Improves nutrient absorption
2- Helps prevent osteoporosis
3- Boosts energy
4- Alleviates digestive disorders
5- Assists in the treatment of yeast (fungal infections)
6- Helps to protect against bacterial and viral infection
7- Supports treatment of herpes complex virus
8- Increases immunity
9- Helps prevent hypoglycemia
10- Helps prevent cardiovascular disease / heart disease
11- Helps prevent cancer
12- Decreases inflammation
13- Helps protect the liver

Last but not least, there is definitely a promise of fitness, quick weight loss and optimum health with the continuous and regular use of this great oil. The effects are even increased if coconut oil food is combined with other method of fat loss such as enhanced physical activity, increased water intake, reduced or minimum consumption of fatty / junk food and wisely choosing a natural weight loss supplement. In fact, cooking with coconut oil helps you lose nothing but weight.


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