LA Weight Loss

Who started LA Weight Loss? LA Weight Loss was started by Vahan Karian in 1989. There are over 700 LA Weight Loss diet centres in North America and Europe.

What is the LA Weight Loss Plan? It is a standard, simple and easy to follow theory about losing weight. The theory underlying the weight loss program is simple: By lowering calories from food and burning up calories by exercising, one can lose weight quickly. This weight loss plan seems extremely conventional, but there are certain features specific to the LA Weight Loss Plan. For example, members of this program have a personal consultation and meeting with a professional weight loss counsellor in order for the professional to find out information regarding the ‘patient’s’ eating habits, medical history, way of living as well as commonly-consumed foods and activities, in order to shape an effective weight loss program that can help those who are desperate to lose weight. The professional plans a diet for the customer to lose weight quickly. Although specific calories are not counted, food servings are restricted and the daily calorie intake usually remains between 1,000 to 1,700 total calories, as an approximation.

However, this daily calorie intake is suited to the individual, taking into consideration his daily activity level as well as his favourite foods and daily requirements.

What are the 3 main phases in the LA Weight Loss Program? The LA Weight Loss Plan comprises three main phases. The first phase is the “Weight Loss Phase”, during which the individual attempts to lose weight relatively quickly. During this phase, the individual has constant and frequent meetings and sessions with the LA weight loss professional, perhaps even up to three to four times a week for a short while, in order for the counsellor to mark and chart the individual’s progress in losing weight. During this short but extremely useful meeting, the professionals can offer moral support and encouragement, as well as reminders to the individual to stick to the given weight loss plan which includes the restriction of calories, or dieting to lose weight rapidly. This is a crucial phase for the success of the LA Weight Loss Plan.

The second phase of the LA Weight Loss System is the “Stabilization Phase”, which requires fewer encounters and arranged meetings with the professional weight loss counsellor each week. This phase, which lasts for one and a half months, enables the professional to monitor the individual’s weight loss progress and remind him or her of the weight loss meal plans that had been arranged specifically for the individual.

The final phase is the “Maintenance Phase” aimed at maintaining weight loss for the rest of time, and involving only weekly meetings with the counsellor from LA Weight Loss Center.

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