Fat Burning Cabbage Soup Recipe - Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days

When people learned fat burning soup diet that hospital fed patients with weight loss issues with recipe fat burning cabbage soup, many became curious about how it works . They say that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just 7 days by cooking this dish fat burning soup diet, but no one really knew how to cook it .

This article will tells you more about it, so make sure you prepare your culinary skills to cook this amazing dish fat burning soup diet.

To prepare the recipe for cabbage soup fat burning , you need the following ingredients: a mixed bunch of fat burning soup diet celery , one or two large cans of tomatoes , a huge head of cabbage , two green peppers , parsley, green onions six salt and fat burning soup diet pepper to taste.

Following the instructions below to prepare our recipe cabbage soup fat burning occur:

A . With all the above ingredients fat burning soup diet , cut all the vegetables into medium pieces and wash well .

Two . Heat a frying pan half filled fat burning soup diet with water and boil for about 10 minutes.

Three . When boiling , slowly let all the chopped ingredients and reduce heat to low .

April. Season with salt and pepper fat burning soup diet.

May Continue cooking until vegetables are fast burner tenders sensation.

6 . Hot or you can fat burning recipes pour into a thermos for the morning service.

After learning to cook Fat Burning Cabbage Soup Recipe, we will give useful examples of daily diet for best results fat burning recipes :

A . At the beginning fat burning recipes of the week, you can choose from a variety of fruits to eat accept bananas. Your best choices are watermelons and melons due to its low calorie content. Outside these soups and fruit is cranberry juice or water fat burning recipes .

Two . Later , you can eat vegetables that are fresh or cooked. Whenever possible , choose green vegetables and refrain from eating corn, peas or beans. Enjoy a potato baked with butter for dinner and fast burner soup.

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