Good Eating - Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning Foods

Many of us consume whatever we like without putting much thought into it and then leave it to our digestive system to sort out the good from the poison and the nutrients from the junk. In most cases, our digestive system handles this so effectively that we hardly realise the time and labour that went into the metabolism.

But how much more effective would the digestive system be if we actually did put some thought into what we consumed, i.e. eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrition and good for digestion?

That is exactly how healthy weight loss is achieved. By eating foods that stimulate and encourage metabolic processes, the digestive system has a much easier time getting rid of stubborn fat for healthy weight loss.

Such foods are known as fat burning foods. They are in fact fairly common fruits, vegetables and lean meats that contain higher levels of vitamin C, protein or complex carbohydrates, than other non fat burning foods.

Adapting your diet to consist of more fat burning foods, is a proactive way of aiding the digestive system for optimal performance and great results. So which particular foods are said to be excellent for fat burning and healthy weight loss?

Low fat Milk: it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but milk is a rich source of calcium and complex carbohydrates; and unlike whole milk, low fat will certainly not be counterproductive to your weight loss efforts.

Citrus fruits: these fruits are fantastic because they burst with vitamin C, which is in fact acidic. The acidity is great for diluting fats and making them easy to breakdown. Grapefruit is an extra special citrus fruit because it also lowers the levels of insulin in the body, allowing your body to continue burning fats.

Peppers: Cayennes, jalapenos and habarenos are super fat burning vegetables. These spicy bright coloured fruit vegetables can do what only few can do- they get the heart racing - and in the process, speed up metabolism by upto 25%. These vegetables are on fire!

Beans: are not your average vegetables. Classified as legumes, they are rich in proteins; which is exactly what you need for stimulating metabolism and building muscles
Whole grain cereals and oats: are the perfect staple foods for anyone trying to lose weight the healthy way. Being complex carbs, these whole grain friends tend to hang around in the stomach a bit longer and slowly breakdown, so as not to cause fluctuation of insulin in the bloodstream.

Lean meat: is another fantastic fat burning food, for the very reason that it is hard to digest. These protein rich foods are not easy on the digestive system and so have the amazing effect of jump-starting the metabolic processes in the body. Fatty meats (e.g. sausages and pork ribs) are NOT included!

Eggs: are also favourite foods for fat burning because of their rich in nutrition, particularly proteins, but be mindful! They can be counterproductive if consumed in excess.

Fish: is rich in both protein and omega 3 oils and therefore comes highly recommended. The proteins stimulate metabolism and build muscle cells, whereas the omega 3 oils contain an energy regulating hormone which minimises risk of obesity, heart disease and insulin resistance. No need to feel guilty about indulging in fish.

Coffee: as you already know contains caffeine, which is stimulant that increases your heart rate and in turn gets your metabolism going. Caffeinated green tea also has a similar fat burning effect in addition to antioxidant properties.

Olive oil: is one of a kind. It's great for hair, skin and also fat burning. It's rich in antioxidants and mono-saturated fatty acids, which helps keep your cholesterol down and your immune system at optimal.

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