How Does Natural Weight Loss Work Using a Plant Based Diet

The get skinny quick weight loss concept has never worked for me. I don't get anywhere with weight loss plans or products that control my food intake. I try and all I get is a little weight loss and then I am back to where I started. 

 As I have gotten older I am also no longer interested in anything that will compromise my health in anyway.

<b>It's a life long pursuit</b>to lose weight and then control it, so becoming food and health conscious has to be part of the plan. The concept that I can eat anything I want with the only consideration being taste and then eat a lot of it, is exactly what is behind the American obesity epidemic. To take control over your weight and your health, it is a must to be concerned with everything that goes into your mouth. The art of reading labels on food packages can extend your life and help you lose weight. 

As I have reached my prime age of 60 I realize that my metabolism is not so easily manipulated. It is a whole lot harder to lose weight than it used to be.

<b>It's all about real food.</b> Don't let the corporate food industry fool you, there is no replacement for real fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh fish and meats. The manufacturing of food for profit has not been a benefit for weight loss or health. Eating food like substances that are far removed from what nature intended is a big cause of the type 2 diabetes explosion. High fructose corn syrup is like poison for health and weight control and it is in all most everything thats packaged in the main stream average super market. These days it is hard to avoid these food like substances because they are heavily marketed to us and available everywhere.

<b>Humans were actually meant to eat fresh unadulterated food.</b>Our bodies operate best with the correct mix of nutrition, antioxidants and exercise along with low stress. For losing weight and controlling it we also need the correct mix. Eating an 80% plant based diet and smaller amounts of good fresh fish and meats, along with whole grains and very little or no refined sugars with very little salt, is not a diet plan. It is a lifestyle plan.

 This is how we should all be eating if we want really excellent health, to look good and maintain the weight we want.

<b>How often you eat and how much you eat matters.</b>Try eating more smaller meals a day and have your last meal in the afternoon. Then take a walk to help digest that last meal. Maybe have a piece of fruit and some nuts for a snack later. Don't get into the trap of a big meal at like 6pm or later and then sit around and go to bed. That last big meal sitting there undigested is like a weight management nightmare.

<b>Trans fats and hydrogenated oils</b> are not good, once again we are taking into our bodies adulterated substances that can do us harm. Try pure coconut oil or virgin olive oil, grape seed oil and try not to cook at too high a heat. Lightly cooked vegetables are best for nutritional health and too much cooking destroys the nutrition and enzymes. Eating a good amount of raw food eat day is a weight loss and weight management tool.

It is  hard for people who have been carefree and careless with their food habits to switch to a pure 80% plant based diet. Giving up the three ingrained tastes of sugar, salt and fat is not easy. The American food industry has done a good job brain washing the American public as well and a lot of the developed world into craving these three tastes.

Thats why fast food is so irresistible and all the chips and crackers and deserts and other highly processed foods are so hard to stay away from.

<b>It's all a matter of what you want and how you want to look and feel </b> as you go through your life. Changing habits is hard but the rewards for health and how you feel about yourself are well worth it.

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