Water Will Help You With Weight Loss

For many dieters weight loss help , this is not weight loss is the most difficult part is keeping it off . Now , just in time for New Year resolutions , a new study shows that exercise and weigh strategies are among the key behaviors that can help maintain that weight loss of at least one decade weight loss help.StripedSocksScale

The study, published in weight loss help the American Journal of Preventive Medicine , is based on a select - but successful - group were part of the National Weight Control Registry ( NWCR ) for 10 years. To register for the NWCR , you must have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for over a year weight loss help.

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The results are important because to weight loss help achieve and maintain a healthy weight is one of the most important ways to reduce cancer risk . Overweight and obesity is a cause of the seven types of cancer with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases type weight loss help .

For the study, weight loss help nearly 3,000 people responded to the questions related to weight one year after they made their entry in the NWCR behaviors. They reported their weight steadily throughout the weight loss help decade.

When these weight loss help participants NWCR they first registered , lost an average of 69 pounds maximum weight. To mark five and ten years , who had retained most of the weight : 52 pounds and 51 pounds on average at 5 and 10 years, weight loss help respectively .

At ten years , it is weight loss help estimated that 87 percent of men and women maintained a weight loss of at least 10 % of its maximum.

Those weight loss help taking the minimum weight after ten years said they weigh several times a week and do a lot of physical activity such as walking. ( Other studies have demonstrated that walking is the most common form of physical activity in the NWCR says J. Graham Thomas , PhD, one of the authors. ) Also help with weight loss reported relatively eat fewer calories from fat and limit the amount and types of food they eat.

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This study demonstrates help with weight loss , says Thomas , assistant professor at the Warren Alert Medical School of Brown University: "the maintenance of weight loss is possible for a long period , and requires the continued respect of some key health behaviors , which are unfortunately largely opposed by our current food environment and Western ways of life force help with weight loss . "

As the authors point out, help with weight loss the men and women who participated in the NWCR after the loss of weight lost together successfully and the data are self- reported . And nearly half of the participants who did not complete questionnaires followed by six to ten years , so the researchers used a model to meet their estimates help with weight loss.

But this help with weight loss study shows that prior research is a healthy behavior change can lead to healthier habits forever. And this can lead to weight loss sticking with habits that may reduce cancer risk , regardless of weight weight loss programs.

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