Is The Fat Burning Soup Diet A Myth?

It was in July when I decided to test the soup diet fat burning . If you look at me , you think it does not need to diet , but I think if you do not like something about yourself , change it. It's as simple as that fat burning soup diet.

I never thought fat burning soup diet I never restrict my eating habits simply because my goal has always been to try to gain weight. Suddenly I found myself in a position where I did not like the way I felt about myself. Clothing can shape fat burning recipes , line and hide.

Oh , yes! They can hide ... the " muffin top" ! Watch your waist likes a cupcake ... how fat burning soup diet approaches paper cup muffin ? I was not a big muffin top , but enough to say , "Hey, I do not like fast burner it here! "

The diet is based on the fat burning soup . It consists of beef , tomatoes, green onions , dried soup mix , green peppers , carrots , celery and green beans. You can eat this soup when you are hungry . It is based on seven days, fat burning soup diet and every day we must consume a particular food / s for the day, including the soup.

- The fat burning soup diet first day consists of fruit (accept bananas) and soup .

- The second day is all vegetables and soup , no fruit .

- On the third day , fat burning soup diet all fruits and vegetables and soup .

- Day Four , bananas and skimmed milk fast burner and soup .

- On the fifth day , fat burning soup diet beef and tomato soup.

- Six Days , meat and vegetables  fast burner and soup .

- Day Seven , the last day - fruit juices without sugar fat burning soup diet , brown rice , vegetables and soup. Skim milk, water, black coffee, tea, unsweetened fruit drinks and cranberry juice is limitless.

I love soup so the soup was not so bad. I added hot sauce fat burning soup diet to give it more flavor and extra kick . I had enough to eat soup every day, but I wanted it because I did not like the extra weight around my waist. At the end of the seventh day, and if you do not cheat, you could fat burning recipes loose ten to 15 pounds .

Fat burning soup diet although I do not drop excess weight during the period of seven days, I realized that clothes could not get in shape in a week without tension at fat burning recipes the seams .

If I did not lose weight , instead of all the fruits fat burning soup diet and vegetables eaten raw burnt in fresh muscle fat. Muscle is heavier , denser and takes up less space than fat, so I did not lose weight and my own clothes .

A week after the diet fat burning soup diet , I started to lose weight. I lost seven pounds in two weeks. For me, the plan was a step . I do not use it to get immediate results. I used it as a guide to help me eat healthy and really see what I was eating . Many would argue , a person will recover all the lost weight and probably fat burning soup diet more. 

It is not necessarily true fat burning recipes. If you start eating healthy or not portions of your food , sit back and do nothing , then of coarse , will add pounds. Anyone. You control what you eat and how much. This goes with any diet you choose fat burning recipes to move foreword .

Thus, fat burning soup diet work day fat burning recipes ? He did it for me. It's been three months since the diet and a muffin top takes the form of a beautiful little cake and figures on weight scale continues to decline fat burning recipes.

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