Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of several trees which is known as cinnamon. cinnamon benefits  it is used as traditional medicine throughout the world. Cinnamon is considered as a wonder food in several cultures. It is available in powder and solid stick form. Normal use of cinnamon is in cooking but there are some medical uses cinnamon benefits:

    Reduce cold and flu symptoms:

Cinnamon's Oil can reduce the symptoms of flu cinnamon benefits. Take 2 teaspoons in hot water and then add some flavoring agent and use it.

    Help in meal digestion:

Cinnamon plays a role to digest the meal. Use it after a meal.

    Reduce the blood sugar level cinnamon benefits:

It also has an cinnamon benefits important role in controlling type-2 diabetes. Recently research has approved that cinnamon can help to reduce blood sugar level. For more information please contact with your family physician and follow the instruction cinnamon benefits.

    Boost brain functions:

Dr. P. Old has approved that simple smelling of cinnamon improves your brain functions.

    Reduce heart cinnamon benefits diseases:

It has calcium and fiber in high amount which are very effective cinnamon benefits in heart patients to control their heart diseases.

    Decrease inflammation:

In human body arachnid acid is responsible for the inflammation in the body which is released from the cell membrane. Cinnamon blocks the release of arachnid acid with can help to reduce inflammation cinnamon benefits.

    Act as anticoagulant:

Unnamable is an active oil which is present in cinnamon benefits this spice and can reduce the coagulation of blood in the body. So, avoid taking cinnamon before surgery.

Cinnamon tea benefits:

Cinnamon tea is similar to other tea. It was derived in Malaysia. It is good in winter. Take 1 teaspoon in hot water then adds sugar. Now tea is ready cinnamon benefits. There are some benefits:

1. As honey and cinnamon health benefits an antioxidant:

The cinnamon benefits chemical which inhibits the oxidation of other molecules is called antioxidants. Oxidation can cause or damage the other cells of the body. Antioxidants inhibit that reaction and cinnamon is also working as an antioxidant cinnamon health benefits.

2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

It is characterized by chronic cinnamon health benefits abdominal pain, cinnamon benefits discomfort, alteration of bowel habits and bloating. Cinnamon tea can help to relief that symptoms.

3. Colon Cancer honey and cinnamon health benefits:

It inhibits the growth of cancerous cell in the colon cinnamon health benefits. Because it reduces the sugar absorption and recent studies approved that cancerous cell's growth depends on sugar level.

4. Mouth freshener:

Cinnamon tea has strong anti-bacterial property. Cinnamon health benefits therefore if you use it without sugar then it keeps your mouth feeling fresh and germs free.

5. Cinnamon benefit weight loss:

It is very useful to lose weight. There is some instruction to cinnamon health benefits use cinnamon tea as weight loser:

    Don't put milk in it (milk damage the antioxidant property of cinnamon).
    Use cinnamon tea 2-3 times daily.
    Reduce your meal approximately 20%
    Avoid sweets cinnamon health benefits.
    Do Exercise on regular basis.

The question is cinnamon health benefits that how can cinnamon help to lose weight. The answer is that the cinnamon boost metabolism rate in the body and also detects the blood sugar level. Now if you want to lose your weight then get more information about diet programs honey and cinnamon health benefits.

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