Cardio VS Weight Training - Which One Works Best for Fat Loss?

The struggle best cardio for fat loss among these two heavyweights exercise continues , the type of exercise that will burn fat faster ? In the red corner is the heart of the race , fast heartbeat Cardio , in the blue corner is the bodily change best cardio for fat loss , weight training load metabolism. Let the battle begins ...

The best fat burning exercise..

Cardio best cardio for fat loss approaches the plate , is representing all the popular practice of running, cycling , step class and rowing , to name a few style and packs a fast and furious pace . What cardio can make to the fight fat?

Cardio burns calories at a faster weight training .

Cardio releases endorphins best cardio for fat loss that give you a nice "high" after exercise.

But wait best fat burning exercise , here's the weight training with a left hook hitting cardio outside the ring .

Weight training will change the shape of your body best cardio for fat loss, then no cardio. Yes, cardio exercise will burn more calories, but no matter how much cardio exercise you do , and no matter how many times you will like it does now, but leaner Weight training will give you a toned look and excellent admire best cardio for fat loss and covet time.

Weight training creates lean muscle mass best cardio for fat loss , which burns more calories while being in your body. What this means in the fight fat? This means that you burn more calories just sitting around .

Could this be the coup de grace ? It is pretty hard to beat when weight training adds muscle mass to your body which means it uses more calories just living life day by day best cardio for fat loss .

The best fat burning exercise for life.

If it does best cardio for fat loss not knock out punch fight with cardio, then this may very well be : weight training continues to burn fat up to 12 hours after discontinuation of training! What an amazing top trim the fat . Unfortunately for cardiovascular exercise , when to stop , best cardio for fat loss you stop burning fat.

But here's cardio with a great return ! Cardio increases your cardiovascular ( heart and lungs) causing cleaner and healthier best cardio for fat loss in the long run .

How to it  best fat burning exercise?

Weight training will not come down and provides resistance to the left-right strength and endurance , best cardio for fat loss as well as the combination to enhance and strengthen the joints and tendons.

Ladies and gentlemen that fight fat burning tips, the judges deliberated and ended that it is ... even match!

Best fat burning exercise quickly plan...

The best way to fight best cardio for fat loss fat? Combine the two and obtain any additional health benefits as well as put a torch fat burning tips to his fat!

My recommendation is : lift weights at least  best fat burning exercise twice a week for 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least twice a week for 30 minutes to fight fat and gain fat burning tips !

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