How To Make Food Plans For Weight Loss You Can Stick To

Creating food plans for weight loss and buying all the healthy foods all stocked in your pantry are the most effective strategies you can do if you want to successfully lose weight fast. You do not want to sabotage your lose weight efforts by grabbing a piece of sugared and chemically-laden donut courtesy of your office vending machine. Or worst yet going to the drive thru and binge eat on a greasy double cheeseburger and extra large french fries with tall glass of chocolate shake, after a stressful and hectic workday. You should be armed with your own healthy fat-burning foods already packed when going just about anywhere.

Do this first.
Spend a few minutes listing all the healthy foods you need like organically grown fruits and vegetables, brown rice, whole wheat bread, grass-fed beef , wild caught salmon, trout or sea bass etc., eggs, cans of tuna in water, unsalted nuts ( almonds, cashew, macademia, walnuts), gallons of skim milk, farm-raised poultry (chicken breast and thighs) and rolled oats not the flavored and sugared kinds in instant packs, olive and canola oils. Once you have your list, you are off to your local farmer's market and buy the foods you need for your lose weight project.

Batch tasks.
Assign a block of one to two hours one day each week to prepare your healthy meals ahead for the next working week. Boil eggs, steam rice and vegetables, cut up the veggies ( green and red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes) and put them plastic re-sealable bags. Oven-bake the chicken breast, grill the grass-fed beef. Let it cool and then refrigerate. Only microwave it when it is eating time. And put all the healthy foods you need for the day in your personal cooler and take it with you when going to the office, gym, track and just put your personal cooler in the trunk of your car if you are travelling to the next town or city.

Be creative and make your food plans for weight loss interesting.
The word "diet" has such an unwelcome connotation. Diet is synonymous with hunger, deprivation and monotony.

You do not have to omit one or two food groups (carbs ,starches or fats) and be stringent with your daily calorie counting and consumption. This is a sure-fire way of going through mood swings, depression and a general feeling of tiredness . Thus, ultimately abandoning your goal of losing weight.

Make your food plans for weight loss interesting and you are likely to stick to it until you will achieve your target of losing weight, feeling good and most of all looking good. Here are some suggestions:

1.Learn to cook and adopt inventive ways to prepare a meal. You can not be forever eating foods with additives and preservatives out of a pre-packaged box . You have to cultivate and acquire a habit of different ways of cooking.

2. Acquire a new liking for a variety of flavors like Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean by adding herbs and spices to your dishes and still eat healthily and lose weight. Experiment by adding chili, lime, basil, cilantro, curry, ground cumin, coriander and paprika and a whole lot more.
You can modify and tweak your meals until you discover what particular healthy fat burning foods you will eventually like.

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