Weight loss is more difficult for women than for men

Man facilitate weight loss is not only the muscles and hormones, but also emotions. For women harder than men. A woman is irritating when a man loses weight, even with crusty bread and other simple means. When a man decides to lose weight, the pound to fall with a thud on his own. The art is not enough. This is why two weeks of eating bread with just rage and lose weight faster.

A woman who feels is fat, was more concerned with their weight and beauty. It is easy for a man to lose weight, the body is naturally fat-free, the woman explained. Is this really the case? At least part of the reason can be found in the body of a man. Man is more muscle mass and less body fat than women, health professionals reported working in a medical hospital.

Normal weight fat percentage for men is generally 15 to 20, the number of women is 25-30. For the same reason the basal metabolic rate of men is higher. Two thirds of the muscle mass is water. Weight men also decreases more rapidly if left KB muscles. However, men should lose muscle mass without fat and no.

In addition, it is also very important hormone in weight gain or loss in men and women. Female hormone estrogen often shapes the woman's hips and buttocks fat, which is difficult to remove. In men, fat is accumulated in the middle of the body, which is easier to lose weight -. It also appears that the blood sugar is more stable for men than women. Men are able to eat less, and still they are not terrible sugar cravings. There is no self-discipline, nutrition expert says.

So are the men who are able to lose weight ascetic, but not in very good health, even if it is crusty bread. Type Borg Member of the main reason for thinning faster than men are, however, different. Slimming Many women believe that certain foods not to eat, and suffer a huge fat if you fall in chocolate. For men, it is often asked.

Men do not like women for many years, with the experience of eating a bad conscience, and increasing the negative relationship between food. It may also be that men do not have food so heavily on emotion than many women.

Men and women are also a variety of glucose. In general, men tend to rejuvenate their muscular women while pursuing a smaller dress. Permanent weight loss is for men and women equally difficult.

Two-thirds of men are overweight, at least half of the women. Weight control man may even be a disadvantage, because the dominant male culture does not support the health and well-being of the deletion. For example, men will face how to lose weight than a recipe for disaster. It makes no sense that the codgers eating a couple of months, and a pittance to burn. Then there is no permanent changes. Shortly after is a condition worse.

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