HCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Modifies Its Prescription hCG Diets, Delivering Its Best Weight Loss Ever

Diet Doc has modified its prescription hCG diets, increasing effectiveness and safety while also making its best weight loss programs more affordable. Available at a fraction of the cost of other diet plans, the safe and effective hCG diet, known to deliver patients the best weight loss caters to the individual dietary and nutritional needs of each patient. Designed to help patients lose weight fast, Diet Doc’s prescription diets make dieting cost-effective for everyone.

Diet Doc’s physicians, nurses, and nutritionists receive additional training in medical weight loss, taking time to develop a greater understanding of how the body responds to different variables like lowered caloric intake and nutrition supplementation. Every patient undergoes a detailed health evaluation based on individual health history, age, gender, lifestyle, and preferences. After this thorough health checkup, an in-house nutritionist evaluates the unique nutritional needs of each patient to create personalized hCG diet plans that promote optimal health during dieting. The company does not carry out a health evaluation due to any safety issues associated with its diet protocol, this evaluation simply confirms whether a patient is a good candidate for the best weight loss available, a Diet Doc customized hCG diet plan. Priced lower than leading non-supervised diet plans, Diet Doc's prescription diet plans include unlimited doctor, nurse, and consultant support, available 6 days per week and as simple as making a telephone call.

A Diet Doc prescription hCG diet represents the most advanced, modernized version in the nation. Originally created by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s, the company has worked throughout the last decade, updating and revolutionizing the best weight loss plan in the last 50 years, the hCG diet plan. Unlike the original '50s hCG diet that triggered hair and muscle loss, hunger, and fatigue due to the low caloric intake, just 500 calories per day, Diet Doc’s updated prescription hCG diets allow from 800-1250 calories daily. In addition to prescription hCG treatments, the company utilizes a master nutrition plan, consisting of the most effective aspects of diets like the Paleo and Mediterranean rolled into one highly effective, completely individualized nutrition plan for every patient. Using its scientific understanding of how the body responds to calorie depletion and by identifying specific factors that prevent people from achieving the best weight loss, Diet Doc has created the most effective, safe, and affordable diet plans in the country.

Diet Doc’s diet protocol not only helps dieters keep the weight off permanently, but also improves health during the process. As a part of its medical weight loss program, the company provides each new patient with one month of prescription medication, one month of healthy shakes, and one month of MCT oil, derived from coconut oil and clinically proven to trigger thermogenesis within as little as 30 minutes of consumption. Diet Doc also offers a complimentary 100-page Diet cookbook for each new patient. This cookbook contains a number of tasty and healthy diet recipes, combining the most essential food groups and making it easier for patients to try more sensible food choices. Unlike fad/crash diets or other diet programs that are neither doctor supervised nor have medical research to support their outlandish claims, Diet Doc’s medically supervised prescription hCG diets produce the best weight loss, and are the safest and most affordable alternative to expensive and risky bariatric surgery.


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