Why You Are Overweight and Why Your Weight Loss Diets Aren't Working

There is a reason why you are overweight and looking to lose weight fast. And it is not because you eat too much. Check out the three main reasons why you need to lose body fat:

1. You are basically just eating the wrong kinds of foods.
2. Your meals contain the wrong types of calories.
3. You are not eating your meals at the right time of the day. Once you realize that this is the cause of your being overweight, it is much easier to solve the problem of how to lose fat fast. Let's look at the three main types of weight loss programs and why these weight loss diets don't work. Low calorie diets - With this type of diet you basically starve yourself. And guess who notices this? A very intelligent part of your body known as your metabolism. Your metabolism will notice when your are eating less calories. As a result of this, it then makes the adjustment of burning less calories to compensate for that. So by eating less calories, your body simply reacts and burns less calories. Now you can understand why these diets never work. So if you are looking to lose fat fast, then forget about those low calorie diets
 Low carb diets - These weight loss diets are very popular right now with people looking for the fastest way to lose fat. But the main result of a low carb diet is that you are left feeling miserable all the time. And it is because that these diets leave you with almost no energy to carry on your day to day activities. Feeling miserable all the time does not qualify low carb diets to be on the list of best weight loss programs. In fact, very few people stick with these programs. Low fat diets - Many people who are looking to lose fat fast think that buying all of those low fat or no fat products will do the trick. Unfortunately, the large majority of these people actually are gaining weight instead of losing weight. No need to say more at this point. Now that we know why these weight loss diets don't work, lets look at a couple of other points of interest. Food is not your enemy Food can actually turn your fat burning process on or it can turn it off.
So eating more is actually a much better way to lose fat quickly than eating less. Eat to lose fat is actually a very true saying. So as we already said, if you want to lose the fat, don't eat less. Eating the wrong kinds of foods is your real enemy Now when we say to eat more to lose weight, we don't mean to eat more of just anything. Obviously, eating more chips (even low fat chips) isn't an effective strategy to lose fat fast. You need to eat the right meals at the right times during the day. This is known as calorie shifting. By supplying your body with different types of calories every day, your metabolism actually forces faster fat loss to happen.

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