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If there is one thing that all dietitians and obesity experts agree, is that personal motivation is the foundation of all successful weight loss. No matter how healthy the American diet, or what combination of calories and nutrients it contains, will not help anyone lose weight unless it continues for long enough. His willingness to do so depends entirely on how motivated they are to change their eating habits and exercise to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Motivation hard to find advice 

The Internet offers a bewildering variety of diets and weight loss eating plans, but the advice of motivation when the diet is in extremely short supply. Given the strong link between diet and the fulfillment of motivation, lack of motivation helps surprising to say the least. It can come from the fact that many diets are created by people who lack practical experience to help people control their weight. Perhaps they see weight loss as biological rather than a human process. If so, I think is a mistake. 

Motivated to lose weight 

I tell all my clients from a weight loss diet is like starting a journey. And like any journey that requires preparation. We must look ahead and plan how to overcome the problems encountered along the way. In doing so, take control of the process and greatly increase our chances of success. 

Unfortunately, many dieters do not plan ahead. Instead, take things as they come, and are based on two things: his initial enthusiasm, and (when it disappears) willpower. But the enthusiasm and willpower is not enough to overcome the temptations and challenges we face when trying to change our eating habits and lifestyle. 

Stop for a moment and imagine taking your family on a camping trip. Do you trust your enthusiasm and willpower for food and housing? Of course not. In all likelihood, you spend hours beforehand carefully packing and preparing for any eventuality, and the whole trip has been carefully planned beforehand. 

However, when you start a diet of the journey, many of which went without any planning or preparation. It's as if you are convinced that everything goes well. But let's face it, what diet ever runs smoothly? Answer: no! So what happens when we have a big problem? A. Wade, and go often. 

We need to plan new thinking habits 

Planning a diet does not mean the journey packaging equipment, packaging is "new ideas". We have to test and adopt new ways of thinking to overcome problems during the trip. This is not psycho-babble - this is simple common sense. After all, a successful diet is largely a question of motivation and attitude. This is what happens between our ears! 

The most common problem of diet 

The most common problem we face when the diet is boredom. This usually occurs when the initial enthusiasm for weight loss fades, and we are tired of watching what we eat. We become discouraged, depressed and a little on the idea of having to maintain our "sensible eating habits," while everyone seems to be having a good time.

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